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Merks – guaranteed quality

Merks is the project builder, developer and guarantor in Latvia with an outstanding reputation. Our goal is to keep raising the bar and guaranteeing the highest quality.

We set the highest standards for ourselves. What’s extra or simply non-existent in other new projects is self-evident in Merks projects. For example, we want to provide for a quality lifestyle, so we think seriously about soundproofing in our buildings, the availability of storage space, safe and quiet lifts, and other things that are never extras for us, but an essential part of quality housing and living.


Maksims Momots, Merks Project Manager, 15 years of experience in constructing residential buildings

The details that make a difference

In its many years of building, developing new projects and providing guaranteed repairs, Merks has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the fine points that make all the difference.


  • Peace and quiet. First-rate soundproofing.
    We know that when coming home after a stressful day, you sometimes need complete peace and quiet. This means we’re paying special attention to sound insulation between apartments, staircases and floors. We’re also installing quiet lifts.
  • Closer to nature. Each apartment will have a balcony or terrace, providing a great opportunity to be outside while staying at home. Enjoy the serenity of Viesturdārzs without even leaving your apartment.
  • More space, less disturbance. Special storage rooms.
    We know it’s difficult to find space for things used only seasonally – skis, rollerblades, wakeboards – so we’re constructing apartments with special storage rooms.
  • Comfort and cleanliness. Shared storage space.
    We know that pushing a pram or a bicycle in an apartment isn’t always comfortable. Particularly in the cold and wet season, when mud creates additional headaches. That’s why the Merks Viesturdārzs project will have shared storage areas where each resident can safely put such items.

These and many other features of our apartments are not extras, but basics for creating a quality living space.


Planned energy efficiency: Class A


The Merks guarantee

We have many years of experience in constructing apartments and public buildings. We’ve created homes for more than 1,000 satisfied families in esteemed projects such as Skanstes virsotnes, Skanstes parks, Jaunbiķeri, and Gaiļezera nami. We always choose quality building materials that correspond to climatic conditions and are sustainable and healthy.


With our guarantee, we are responsible for both the work done and the quality of the materials used. This means that we solve any guarantee-related problems. You’ll have peace of mind, because our goal is to provide you with a home where guarantee repair situations won’t even arise.



Merks – guaranteed quality

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